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Norman Levy

Norman Levy was born in Johannesburg in 1929, to Mary and Mark Levy, Jewish immigrants from Lithuania. Along with his twin brother, Leon (who later became a founding member, and the National President of the South African Congress of Trade Unions), Norman became politically active in his early teens, joining and participating in the Young Communist League, and later, the CPSA. He was involved in several ANC campaigns against the unjust apartheid laws, and the introduction of Bantu Education.


He was also prominent in the campaign for the Congress of the People in 1955. Because of his involvement in the struggle, Norman’s flat was raided by the police, and in December 1956, Norman and his twin brother, Leon, were arrested and detained with 154 others, prior to being charged in the Treason Trial. He was acquitted, but continued to work in the movement.

From left: Albie Sachs, Denis Goldberg and Ruth First. Click on the the faces to read more about them.

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